About the site

FantasySuperContest - a platform for following the Westgate SuperContest.. Each week you pick 5 NFL games Against the Spread (ATS).
The lines will be the same as the one posted by the Westgate SuperContest.

It is the world's most prestigious NFL handicapping contest. More information here.

Westgate releases contestants picks every Saturday at around 3pm(EST) 12pm (PST). The data will be loaded on this website within minutes.

No. I'm just a programmer that like to watch the NFL and the follow the SuperContest. This is my side project because I couldn't find any sites similar to it.

The best intentions are made to ensure data on the site is 100% accurate. If there are any error please contact me and I will fix it. All data and stats on the site are unofficial and is for amusement purposes only.

No. I do not have weekly data for previous SuperContest. If you do, please send them to me and I can upload to the database.

The SuperContest lines are posted every WEDNESDAY around 8 pm Eastern and stay fixed.
Live betting lines may move but the SuperContest lines will stay fixed. This adds another layer to the contest.

You will have to register and pay at Westage in person and use a proxy service. We recommend the guys at footballcontest.com Ask for Matty. He's reliable as they come.