Season Package

Full Premium access for Entire NFL season.
From today to Week 17 and up to 2018-08-31.
$2 per week. Paid for the season.


Pay Per Week

Full Premium access for 7 days.
From today and up to 2017-07-29.
$5 per week.



My name is Yada and I'm the creator of FantasySuperContest. Starting this season the website will be switching to a Premium model: a Free tier and a Premium tier.

With Premium, you will have full feature access of the website including:

  • Weekly Consensus with filtering
  • Historical SuperContest data
  • No Advertising
  • More statistics
  • Export data in json and csv

With the prevalence of adblock, the Pay Per Click advertising model just doesn't work for a small website like this. For example, during Week 1 of NFL football, the site received 42,064 page views. With that amount of traffic, the site only generated $11.17 in advertising. Believe it or not, I actually spent hundred of hours creating the website. It's hard to be motivated and dedicate more hours when I get $11 bucks for a busy Sunday. Your payment will help me pay for the cost of running the website and continue to add features to the website.

Thank you for your support!